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How to pick safe toys for your child

Toy safety might be common sense, but some toys are more dangerous for your children than others. Here are some parenting tips on how to find the
safest toys for your child: Continue reading

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Miniland, THE Best Educational Toy Brand

Miniland have been developing educational toys for children for over 25 years, and in this time they have grown into one of the top educational toy brands in the world. Continue reading

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Teebee – the new Toypod for kids & the healthier way to play

Teebee is a transportable compact toy box for kids that enables them to bring their favourite toys when travelling. Continue reading

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Tell me a Wooden Story Inspired by Nature

Family owned Polish toy brand Wooden Story has a rich history spanning three generations. It started back in 1969 in the Beskidy Mountains where Grandpa Borowy (Borowy is male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild and forests) crafted … Continue reading

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Introducing Kruselings – Guardians of the dreams, new fantasy dolls from Kathe Kruse

Axis Toys is delighted to bring the Kruseling fantasy adventure range of dolls from Kathe Kruse to Australia. Continue reading

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Goldfish Gifts – handmade and Fairtrade gifts with a difference

Goldfish Gifts is known for its beautiful wooden mobiles, award winning Balloon Balls, colourful Rainbow Ribbons and whimsical fairy doors, that are produced by a close-knit community in Bali. Continue reading

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The impact of technology in education: A quick guide for parents and educators

In this day and age where the internet is available at our kids’ fingertips and the whole world can be accessed through the click of a button – it is easy to understand the concerns that many parents have about technology. Continue reading

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Why cognitive toys are essential for your child’s development

Your child’s cognitive ability develops at a rapid pace, thanks in large part, to play. As a child grows, so do their observation skills and ability to interact. In addition, they’re busy becoming more efficient at processing, storing and implementing the information they’ve gathered from the world around. Continue reading

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Children’s games for every birthday party

It can be a difficult process thinking of appropriate games to play when it comes to varying age groups, personalities and numbers of children. So, our friends at Miniland Educational have come up with some ideas to help out. Continue reading

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Plasto Toys Launches “I AM GREEN” range of plastic toys for kids

The plastic in the new range of toys is a bioplastic, produced from sugarcane, which is 100% renewable raw material. This product has a positive impact on environment with carbon footprint -2,15 CO2 eq/kg Continue reading

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