Skrallan: A classic Swedish doll full of childhood memories

Skrållan is Sweden’s first talking doll loved by generations of Swedes since 1966. Her playfulness and her speech ability have made her a popular playmate with generations of children. With the launch of this iconic Swedish brand into Australia, Paula Opfer, spoke with Kristina Aronsson of Micki Leksaker, to find out why and how this brand has stood the test of time.

13101000_4What is her story?
In 1966 the Skrållan doll was born and her name originates from a character in a Swedish TV series written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, of Pippi Longstocking fame. Today the Skrållan brand is a strong doll brand in Sweden even though the connection to the TV series is not that visible. The brand is today instead built around the dolls and her delightful accessories.


Why she is so popular in Sweden/Scandinavia?
Ever since 1966 Skrållan has given love and play to children of all different ages as Sweden’s first talking doll, but starting from 2017 she is travelling further afield and her first stop is Australia.

16110100_1What makes her different/why would people purchase her?
Skrållan is a Swedish designed classic toy with top quality hair and a range of high quality clothes and other unique designed accessories such as bags, boots, cot carriers and even a bike helmet. Her 45 cm size makes her perfect to play with and she’s a soft huggable best friend. She has a speech-function with 25 playful16110200_1 and adventurous sentences promoting friendship and fun active play including laughter. She has long, blond hair that’s soft and smooth and is perfect to comb and brush. She is just perfect for children to get lost in a world of imaginative pretend play.

13100400_3The thinking behind the accessories and clothing range?
The high quality materials, unique designs, soft colours and cute details make her look friendly and fun. The price point also makes her extremely attractive! She has accessories that you just won’t see in other ranges, the bike helmet with a crown and matching bike seat have that perfect touch of whimsy.

What makes her perfect for export etc?
Swedish design. With a classic design and playful approach Skrållan will become a modern classic – also outside Sweden. Starting from AW 2017 Skrållan speaks five languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English). Her packaging line has a new visual identity which is unique to the market and the soft colours, the playful approach, and quality presentation will make her stand out.

With special features such as her speech, high quality hair, sweet appearance and beautiful accessories she really hit the hearts of the Swedish children and there is no doubt it will be the same in Australia.

Skrallan is manufactured by Micki Leksaker in Sweden and distributed in Australia by Axis Toys.

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About Axis Toys
Since 2004, Axis Toys has specialised in distributing quality imports for Australia and New Zealand within the toy, gift and lifestyle markets sourced locally and from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland Spain and China. Our quality product range is primarily niche oriented – each product bringing a very strong point of difference to its category. All our suppliers’ products conform to the latest safety standards and we are able to supply disclaimers for each supplier to verify this fact.

Axis Toys is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for DoodleArt, Goetz, Lundby Dollhouses, Micki, Miniland Educational, PlayBox, Plasto, Sassi Junior, Chic Bayer 2000, Skrallen, Leolandia, Kiddus, Cayro, Wooden Story, Little + Sleepy and Goldfish Gifts. They are also the developers of the ColourAway and Scribbla brands. They are the exclusive distributor for WWF in Australia and the agent for Steiff Bears in Australia and New Zealand. Axis Toys is a member of the Australian Toy Association.

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