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Time for Bed with Little Kiwi and Little Koala

Axis Toys is delighted to launch the Little + Sleepy range into the newborn gifting market in Australia. This beautifully illustrated range of books, soft toys and a sleep Journal – which can be purchased separately or as a kit – are written and designed by New Zealand top selling author Kat Mereweather. Continue reading

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Scribbla – The funky new stationery range for the Tween plus market

Looking for new stationery items with attitude, then look no further than the new Scribbla range from Axis Toys, that offers a variety of items to colour-in using a new range of pens. Continue reading

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ColourAway On My Travels Colouring In Poster Kit – A journey through pattern and colour

In the new ColourAway “On My Travels” Poster, memory twists and turns, it shifts and moves smoke-like and foggy; it is the lens through which we see. It is through this lens we are permitted to look at a young girls travel memoirs thanks to our new artist 15-year old Jordan Lee from Australia. What makes this poster special is that usually kids are on the colouring side not the design side, especially a poster as large as A1. Continue reading

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ColourAway Ocean Dreaming Colouring In Poster Kit – Bringing awareness into life

The latest poster from ColourAway is called “Ocean Dreaming”. Created by Australian artist Lou Trevitt, this poster combines the Ocean’s beautiful sea life and Lou’s passion for the balance of life. When Lou Trevitt sat down to design her fourth poster for ColourAway she initially felt a real resistance and struggled to start, thinking how am I going to draw animals. At that time she found herself dreaming of the ocean, little did she know of the power of the ocean to draw out her inspiration. The ocean is a feminine symbol; it’s often associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition. Dreaming of the ocean asks us to get in touch with our deeper selves and connect with our true nature. Continue reading

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ColourAway Land Downunder Colouring In Poster Kit – Fascination with the critters and creatures of Australia

The latest ColourAway Poster designed in Australia called “Land Downunder” is a fitting tribute to the unique plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs that make Australia special. Acknowledgement of the traditional owners is an important component as they and their artwork are tied so strongly to the Australian land. Continue reading

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