Lundby Do It Yourself Crafts for your dollhouse!

Lundby Do It Yourself Crafts for your dollhouse

Make Your Own Picture Frames

Pictures frames always make a house a home and you can make it unique by using your own photos and images.

  1. Use a small drawing or a photo. If you have a photocopier, you can shrink a large drawing so it fits in the doll’s house.
  2. Measure the size of the picture then make the frame of beads. Try different shapes and colours!
  3. Ask an adult to help you to place the oven paper over the beads and then iron carefully until the beads fuse together and are attached to each other. Let it cool.
  4. Then carefully peel off the frame from the base and glue it in place on the picture. If needed, put a piece of sturdy paper on the back.
  5. Now you are ready to place on a wall in your doll’s house!

Put Letters On The Wall

One of the most popular decorating trends now is writing things on the walls. But we don’t mean grabbing a pen and actually writing on the wallpaper! No, we’re talking about everything from word pictures to plaster or metal letters for the bookshelf, or to put on the wall. Some people even have wallpaper covered with printed writing, so it looks like an open book

You can bring this trend into your doll’s house too! Start by thinking about what you want to write. Is it a sentence, or just one word?

It might be a whole sentence, like “I love Lundby” or maybe something more traditional, like “Home Sweet Home.” Or perhaps just one word, like “Love” or “Sweet.”

The letters can be framed, placed on bookshelves or just hung on the wall. Lots of hobby shops and decorating stores sell letters and figures in different styles, sizes and materials.

One good tip is to cut out letters you like the look of in magazines or newspapers, frame them and hang them on the wall. You can even cut out some nice words on thicker paper in a cheerful colour. Decorations with nice words create a warm and welcoming feel in your doll’s house.


A Pretty Garland For Your Dolls House

A garland can be made from just about anything and you can change them to match the season – Christmas, New Year, Summer or even birthdays and wedding!

  1. Measure the thread and cut it into a size suitable for your doll’s house.
  2. Use the needle to make tiny holes in the objects you wish to hang from your garland. Sometimes you’ll need to tie a small knot after each object to make sure it stays in place. Just about anything can be used – pearls, pom-poms, Styrofoam balls, tiny textile flowers, beads or crêpe paper.
  3. Attach to the ceiling with tiny bits of tape. Now stand back and love your Lundby style!

Have you tried this decorating tip? Or have you created something else for your doll’s house? Share your photos on Instagram or Facebook and tag them #lundbydiy

About Lundby

Since 1947, Lundby has been providing the most contemporary doll’s house to its generation. With two ranges to choose from Lundby continues to keep up with the times. There’s the classic Smaland which is the same style house as the founding original Gothenburg doll’s house dating back to 1947 which can be raised thanks to an extension level and also has a winter and summer gardens to choose from. And then there’s the 2013 Stockholm architect-designed doll’s house with two entertainment decks, a pull-out drawer pool and open living areas. Both doll’s houses feature Lundby’s unique pioneered 4.5 volt child safe lighting system and Bluetooth TV/stereo. Australian stockists can be found here

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